ACLOTEST® is a disposable kit to detect the presence of Dermatophagoides (mites) in your home. It’s a user friendly, “do-it-yourself” kit with clear reading results.

ACLOTEST® Components
  1. Dropper
  2. Dispensing Spoon
  3. Test tube with plug, containing extract solution
  4. Card with a round window “S” and an oval window marked with “T” and “C”

Components are in an aluminium wrapper containing silica gel as a dehumidifying agent.



Carrying out ACLOTEST®

Dust collection should be done by non-allergic subjects if possible. Collect dust from cushions, mattresses and carpets in bedrooms and living rooms. Fill the dispensing spoon with fine dust only; remove any fluff or hair.

  1. Transfer the dust into the test tube.
  2. Plug the test tube and shake for about ten seconds.
  3. Put the test tube into the space on the back cover of the card that comes with the product and wait for about five minutes. Shake well again and wait for another five minutes.
  4. Open the test tube and draw some solution up into the dropper.
  5. Put three drops in the round window “S” on the card and wait five minutes. The result should be read in the oval window with “T” and “C”.
How to Interpret the Results

The appearance of a pink line below “C” (control) means that the test has been carried out correctly. The absence of a pink line below “C” means that the test has been carried out incorrectly.